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Retail Petroleum


AKR since 2010, has entered the Retail Petroleum market with coverage across the major islands of Indonesia and currently operates a network of 130 service stations. Fuel distributed by AKR comprises diesel, gasoline for motor vehicles and for fishing fleet/vessels.

On December, 2016, the Company has been allocated 300,000 KL of subsidized Diesel by BPH Migas to be distributed in 2017 in the regions of North Sumatera, Lampung, Jakarta, Banten, West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, Bali, West Kalimantan, South Kalimantan and East Kalimantan.

AKR is presently expanding its retail network in the country by constructing more SPBKB and SPBN in accordance to the subsidized petroleum allocation assigned by BPH Migas this year.
The Company is also looking into the development of distribution facilities for non-subsidized petroleum to various locations.

The deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector and removal of subsidies offers vast opportunities for growth. Its large fleet of transport by land and by sea, and its advanced information technology infrastructure make AKR a reliable business solution provider
AKR strives to ensure quality services to our customers and we are relentlessly working with our franchises to fulfill customer needs.

We recognise the customers need for pure quality and quantity of fuel for their vehicles and ships and lauched. AKRVision a real time transaction capture and management system which not only ensures quantity to customers but also on time reporting of subsidized fuel to the Regulatory Authorities.



AKR's retail fuel products are High Speed Diesel under brand name MINYAK SOLAR AKRA SOL and BENSIN PREMIUM AKRA 88 with brand name BENSIN PREMIUM AKRA 88.  SPBN outlets of fishermen offers MINYAK SOLAR AKRA SOL. In addition, AKRA has recently introduced its new product BENSIN AKRA 92.


Major categories of non-subsidized products we distribute:

Products Type AKR Brand Specification
High Speed Diesel (HSD) AKRA SOL AKRA SOL Standard
Gasoline Ron 92 AKRA 92 AKRA 92 Standard

Mixing projection BBN to JBT

AKR will hold a tender for the procurement of FAME for the purposes of the subsidized Biosolar  with details as follows :
  • Periode November 2017 – April 2018


Quality Control

In accordance with government laws on product quality and safety, AKR has taken steps to continuously improve its product quality handling and distribution control systems in all of its facilities. AKR adheres to quality controls:

  • The Company obtains petroleum products from major international oil companies with product specifications that are in accordance with the standards governed by the Republic of Indonesia.
  • The Company distributes the petroleum products from its main terminals to its tank terminals using specialized oil tankers eqquipped with high safety standards on handling dangerous petroleum products (BBB Level 3).
  • The Company stores its fuels in storage tanks adhering to high levels of safety standards.
  • The Company distributes products to its customers and retail outlets using specialized petroleum trucks eqquipped to achieve a  zero-level product contamination.
  • All SPBU and SPDN are equipped with IT systems to monitor inventory and sales, and are transmitted to AKR Head Office in Jakarta and BPH Migas.
  • Trucks are GPS equipped and are monitored as they deliver products ensuring safety, quality and quantity.



Retail Networks

AKR operates SPBU/SPBN across the major islands :


How to be a Dealer / Partner
 Location Criteria 
  1. SPBU sites must be located in major roads with high traffic count.
  2. It must be located in densely populated areas in commercial, and residential establishments.
  3. The land area must be at least 2,000 square meters in size with frontage minimum of 40 meters.
  4. It must be at least 5 kilometers from any existing SPBU in the area.  
  1. SPDN/SPBN must be located in the center of fishermen, in fishing ports, in fish landing centers or fishing villages.
  2. The location can be reached by tanker with 8,000 liter capacity.
  3. Minimum land area of 300 square meters with state owned, rights to use or rent, and not in dispute.  
  4. Proposed SPDN/SPBN location has a demand estimate of at least 5,000 liters of fuel per day.
  5. The proposed location must have approval from DKP and recommendation from local Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources.
 Dealer / Partner Criteria
  1. The Partner-applicant should own the land with proof of ownership in  the ‘Sertifikat Hak Milik’ (SHM).
  2. If he / she does not own the land, the applicant must show proof of capability to buy the land. He should write a letter of commitment to purchase the proposed location.  
  3. The applicant must show sufficient funds ready to operate the retail outlet following AKR standards.
  4. The applicant must be a person of good character and of good moral standing.
  5. The proposed location for SPBU and SPDN/SPBN is considered as a project site when the Appointment Letter has been issued by PT AKR Corporindo Tbk to the Partner-applicant.
  6. The applicant becomes a Partner as soon as PT AKR Corporindo Tbk. and the Partner-applicant signs the Cooperation Agreement. 
  7. The Cooperation Agreement is between PT AKR Corporindo Tbk and the Partner and should not be sub-leased. 
  1. The cost of land preparation (clearing, leveling and compaction), utilities connection (electricity, water and telephones) and government permits (environmental, locational,   building and trade, business permits) will be for the cost of the Partner-applicant.
  2. AKR will invest in the civil works (building, canopy,  driveways and building plans),  mechanical works (dispensers, storage tanks and its apurtenances, product lines, oil / water separator and other station equipment), Information Technology and safety as required by the Government and AKR.
  3. All SPBU are built with 2 pump islands minimum installed with automatic dispensers and SPDN/SPBN are installed with high speed dispenser.

For further information, please contact:

Departement PSO

+62 21 531 1110


AKR Petrolium Franchise Intent Form :

I own a site
I lease a site
I do not have a site
Town or City where site is located Lot area ( in sqm ) and frontage of property ( in meters )